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Search titles only Posted by Member: The reporter was rude for interrupting. Everybody has been good. Dakota johnson naked pics. Why is he SO mad all the time? Originally Posted by Fudge Sexual frustration? What the coach said reportedly made him frustrated and he demanded a trade. Demarcus cousins emotional lesbian. It was probably the same incident, but not sure.

It never came easy for me. Because his dad left his mom while she's pregnant with him so all the rage got injected into him prenatal style.

Instead of worshipping people on a personal level, respect what they do on the court. Except for that whole harden thing, he's been pretty good. Yeah he acts like a dick, but it isn't from a place of superiority or anything, he genuinely seems like he wants to act better but struggles with it for whatever reason.

He missed game 3 of the series. And that would be amazing in its own right. B-MitchFeb 13, I just walked in and people started cheering. Charlie hunnam nude pics. Honestly must suck to be his teammate. When it happened, I was just in shock. Discussion in ' The Vestibule ' started by ducktapeFeb 13, On defence Demarcus is good and bad.

Contact Us - InsideHoops. The thing is he's good so people will defend him. Every time I tune into Kings games, camera man always gotta do face shots on the brodie and he always looks unhappy and miserable. He is just so damn immature He can establish post position with ease, has great footwork, has a better handle then most players at his position and has a clean jump shot. I know everyone is defending him in here, but I would personally hate to play on a team with him.

He's fun to watch, he does ridiculous things with a basketball, and he actually seems passionate about the game in a way many players don't. Why is DeMarcus Cousins angry all the time? I love my team.

Just saying that we shouldn't mix stuff that don't belong in the same conversation. Even when he does well, he has this negative angry way about him. Looking back, do you think that if you had done something differently you would not have been traded? We know nothing of what its like to be a famous athlete, but we like to compare what we know in our own lives to theirs.

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Contrary I heard that he is really down to earth, and genuine.

Well we haven't seen him in a while, but the Brandon Knight incident happened less than a year after the Harden thing. In the NBA he has not once played with another star he can rely on when he sits on the bench. 12 years nude. Demarcus cousins emotional lesbian. Different people like different personalities. During the first scrimmage he notices his teammates are avoiding him, frowning. I'll certainly give him props for that. He's gotten better but somethings don't change. The names mentioned frequently is John Wall and James Harden.

Chris Paul doesn't go talking about how he hates other teams but he's still fucking real. Show Printable Version Email this Page. Naked female track stars. Feb 13, 4.

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In high school, the same thing. But he's the kind of guy you don't want to be around, or have to walk on eggshells around because you don't want to set him off. Westbrook also has this kind of constant anger. Feb 13, 1. Big part of the reason I just cannot be bothered watching Kings games. Once these rumours got out Cousins denied it immediately. They showered me in praise. Porn lesbian amature. On defence Demarcus is good and bad. Danny worked with me day and night.

The reporter was rude for interrupting. Name a sub-category of basketball entertainment: Either that or he will we be the first player to murder an official on the court. The Freak From Greece. He tried to steer me in their direction. They had another plan. Cousins is a fantastic basketball player.

He needs to join the raptors Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk. We were just some low-budget AAU team. So much so that teams give rookies seminars on how to conduct yourself and what to say and what to avoid.

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